Thursday 18 October 2012

A Passion for Golf Courses

Golf is unique in the world of sports in that each and every playing field is one-of-a-kind.  The terrain upon which golf courses are built varies enormously and the design features employed by golf course architects are limited only by their creativity.  Further, the playing fields of golf are not played on but interacted with.  The act of hitting a golf ball presents its own challenge just like any other sport, however, golf courses themselves present unique tests, problems and obstacles that need to be overcome.  Add to that the fact the game is played outdoors at the mercy of the weather and you can be assured a new experience with each round.  I'm certain it was this variety that captured my interest in golf course architecture.     

Because of this infinite variety, I am always looking for opportunities to visit golf courses as a means to further my education in the field of golf course architecture, and to enjoy the beautiful journey a round of golf take you on through some of the most incredible, secluded places on earth.  It is always exhilarating to enter the grounds of a new golf course with only a hint of the adventure ahead.  While I certainly enjoy the challenge presented by the game and the courses over which it is played, I find visiting golf courses more akin to strolling through a living, breathing museum.  They provide inspiration for golf course architects and add many shades to the colour palette of design tools at their disposal.

My goal in writing this blog is to put into words my thoughts on all aspects of golf course design and to post pictures of interesting features and golf courses that I've seen on my never-ending quest.  My passion for golf and golf courses drives me to learn more about their design, construction and maintenance, culminating in a desire to help produce golf holes that enable more and more people to enjoy this great game.

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