Golf Architecture Library

Andrew, Ian - "In Every Genius There's a Little Madness: Stanley Thompson and the Courses that Changed Golf"
Bahto, George - "The Evangelist of Golf: The Story of Charles Blair Macdonald"
Barclay, James A. - "The Toronto Terror: The Life & Works of Stanley Thompson, Golf Course Architect"
Bell, Mike (ed.) - "The Golf Courses of Stanley Thompson: Celebrating Canada's Historic Masterpieces"
Bendelow, Stuart W. - "Thomas 'Tom' Bendelow: The Johnny Appleseed of American Golf"
Brownridge, Donna - "Elmhurst Golf & Country Club: The Home of Champions"
Buie, Chris - "The Life & Times of Donald Ross"
Byrdy, Stan - "The Augusta National Golf Club: Alister Mackenzie's Masterpiece"
Clayton, Mike - "Golf from the Inside"
Clouser, Christopher - "The Midwest Associate: The Life & Work of Perry Duke Maxwell"
Colt, H.S., & Alison, C.H. - "Some Essays on Golf Course Architecture"
Cook, Kevin - "Tommy's Honor: The Story of Old Tom Morris & Young Tom Morris, Golf's Founding Father &
Cornish, Geoffrey S. - "Eighteen Stakes on a Sunday Afternoon: A Chronicle of North American Golf Course
Cornish, Geoffrey S. & Whitten, Ron E. - "The Architects of Golf: A Survey of Golf Course Design from its 
     Beginnings to the Present, with an Encyclopedic Listing of Golf Architects & Their Courses"
Coyne, Tom - "A Course Called Ireland: A Long Walk in Search of a Country, a Pint and the Next Tee"
Cupp, Bob & Whitten, Ron - "Golf's Grand Design: The Evolution of Golf Architecture in America"
Cutten, Keith - "The Evolution of Golf Course Design"
Daley, Paul - "Links Golf: The Inside Story"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 1"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 2"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 3"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 4"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 5"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 6"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective Volume 7"
Daley, Paul (ed.) - "Favourite Holes by Design: The Architect's Choice"
Daley, Paul & Scaletti, David - "The Sandbelt: Melbourne's Golfing Heaven"
Darwin, Bernard - "The Golf Courses Of The British Isles"
Davis, William H. - "The World's Best Golf: A Spectacular Guided Tour of the Greatest Golf Courses in the
Doak, Tom - "The Anatomy of a Golf Course: The Art of Golf Architecture"
Doak, Tom - "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses"
Doak, Tom & Scott, Dr. James & Haddock, Raymund M. - "The Life & Work of Dr. Alister Mackenzie"
Doak, Tom - "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses: Volume 1 - Great Britain & Ireland"
Doak, Tom - "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses: Volume 2 - The Americas (Winter Destinations)
Doak, Tom - "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses: Volume 3 - The Americas (Summer Destinations)
Doak, Tom - "The Confidential Guide to Golf Courses: Volume 5 - Asia, Australia & New Zealand
Doak, Tom - "Little Red Book of Golf Course Architecture"
Dye, Pete & Shaw, Mark - "Bury Me in a Pot Bunker: Golf Through the Eyes of the Game's Most Challenging
     Course Designer"
Elliott, Mal - "Perry Maxwell's Prairie Dunes"
Fay, Michael J. - "Golf, as it was Meant to be Played: A Collection of Donald Ross's Vision of the Game"
Fazio, Tom - "Golf Course Designs"
Finegan, James W. - "Where Golf is Great: The Finest Courses of Scotland & Ireland"
Finegan, James W. - "Emerald Fairways & Foam-Flecked Seas: A Golfer's Pilgrimage to the Courses of Ireland"
Finegan, James W. - "Blasted Heaths & Blessed Greens: A Golfer's Pilgrimage to the Courses of Scotland"
Finegan, James W. - "All Courses Great & Small: A Golfer's Pilgrimage to England & Wales"
Goodwin, Stephen - "Dream Golf: The Making of Bandon Dunes"
Gordon, John - "The Great Golf Courses of Canada"
Gordon, John - "The Great Golf Courses of America"
Graves, Robert Muir & Cornish, Geoffrey S. - "Golf Course Design"
Graves, Robert Muir & Cornish, Geoffrey S. - "Classic Golf Hole Design: Using the Greatest Holes as Inspiration
     for Modern Courses"
Green, John S. - "The Royal Melbourne Golf Club: History of the Courses"
Gummer, Scott - "The Seventh at St. Andrews: The Castle Course - How Scotsman David MacLay Kidd and his
     Ragtag Band Built the First New Course on Golf's Holy Soil in Nearly a Century"
Hackett, J. Alan - "Manitoba Links: A Kaleidoscopic History of Golf"
Hansen, James R. -"A Difficult Par: Robert Trent Jones Sr. & The Making Of Modern Golf"
Harris, Dr. James M. - "Stanley Thompson & Icons of Canada"
Haultain, Arnold - "The Mystery of Golf"
Hartree, Fred - "Simpson & Co. Golf Architects"
Huffman, Bill - "Arizona's Greatest Golf Courses"
Hunter, Robert - "The Links"
Hurdzan, Dr. Michael J. - "Golf Course Architecture: Design, Construction & Restoration"
Hurdzan, Dr. Michael J. - "Golf Greens: History, Design & Construction"
Jacobs, Timothy - "The Golf Courses of Jack Nicklaus"
Jarrett, Tom & Mason, Peter - "St. Andrews Links: Six Centuries of Golf"
Jones Jr., Robert Trent - "Golf by Design: How to Lower Your Score by Reading the Features of a Course"
Kendall, Brian - "Northern Links: Canada from Tee to Tee"
Klein, Bradley S. - "Discovering Donald Ross: The Architect & His Golf Courses"
Klein, Bradley S. - "A Walk in the Park: Golfweek's Guide to America's Best Classic & Modern Golf Courses"
Klein, Bradley S. - "Rough Meditations: From Tour Caddie to Golf Course Critic, An Insider's Look at the Game"
Klein, Bradley S. - "Wide Open Fairways: A Journey Across the Landscapes of Modern Golf"
Labbance, Bob - "The Old Man: The Biography of Walter J. Travis"
Macdonald, Charles Blair - "Scotland's Gift: Golf"
Mackenzie, Alister - "The Spirit of St. Andrews"
Mackenzie, Dr. Alister - "Golf Architecture: Economy in Course Construction & Greenkeeping"
Mandell, Richard - "The Legendary Evolution of Pinehurst: Home of American Golf"
McCredie, Andrew - "Capitano Golf & Country Club: The Making Of A Legend"
Morrison, Wayne S. & Paul, Thomas E. - "The Nature Faker: William S. Flynn, Golf Course Architect"
Nicklaus, Jack & Milliard, Chris - "Nicklaus by Design: Golf Course Strategy & Architecture"
Oilver, Darius - "Australia's Finest Golf Courses"
Oliver, Darius - "Planet Golf: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses Outside of the United States of
Oliver, Darius - "Planet Golf USA: The Definitive Reference to Great Golf Courses in America"
Peper, George - "Golf in America: The First One Hundred Years"
Peper, George - "Grand Slam Golf"
Peper, George - "Golf Courses of the PGA Tour"
Peper, George (ed.) - "The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes"
Peper, George & Campbell, Morgan - "True Links: An Illustrated Guide to the Glories of the World's 246 Links
Peper, Geroge - "Two Years in St. Andrews: At Home on the 18th Hole"
Perrett, Ross & Baker, Kimbal - "Golf Courses of the Mornington Peninsula"
Pioppi, Anthony - "To the Nines"
Pioppi, Anthony - "The Finest Nines: The Best Nine-Hole Golf Courses in North America"
Pugh, Peter & Lord, Henry - "Creating Classics: The Golf Courses of Harry Colt"
Quirin, William - "America's Linksland: A Century of Long Island Golf"
Ramsey, Tom - "Great Australian Golf Courses"
Richardson, Forrest L. - "Routing the Golf Course: The Art & Science That Forms the Golf Journey"
Richardson, Forrest L. & Fine, Mark K. - "Bunkers, Pits & Other Hazards: A Guide to the Design, Maintenance &
     Preservation of Golf's Essential Elements"
Riste, Michael - "Just Call Me Mac: The Biography of A. Vernon Macan, Golf Architect"
Ross, Donald J. - "Golf Has Never Failed Me: The Lost Commentaries of Legendary Golf Architect Donald J.
Rowlinson, Mark (ed.) - "World Atlas of Golf: The Greatest Courses & How They are Played"
Rubenstein, Lorne - "Touring Prose"
Rubenstein, Lorne - "A Season in Dornoch: Golf & Life in the Scottish Highlands"
Santella, Chris - "Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die"
Scaletti, David - "Golf...It's a Funny Game"
Shackelford, Geoff - "The Captain: George C. Thomas Jr. & His Golf Architecture"
Shackelford, Geoff - "The Good Doctor Returns: Alister Mackenzie Comes Back to Golf"
Shackelford, Geoff - "The Golden Age of Golf Design"
Shackelford, Geoff - "Alister Mackenzie's Cypress Point Club"
Shackelford, Geoff - "The Art of Golf Design"
Shackelford, Geoff - "Grounds for Golf: The History & Fundamentals of Golf Course Design"
Shackelford, Geoff - "The Future of Golf: How Golf Lost its Way & How to Get it Back"
Shackelford, Geoff (ed.) - "Masters of the Links: Essays on the Art of Golf & Course Design"
Shackelford, Geoff (ed.) - "Lines of Charm: Brilliant & Irreverent Quotes, Notes, & Anecdotes from Golf's Golden
     Age Architects
Shefchik, Rick - "From Fields to Fairways: Classic Golf Clubs of Minnesota"
Shiels, Michael Patrick (ed.) - "Secrets of the Great Golf Course Architects: The Creation of the World's
     Greatest Golf Courses in the Words & Images of History's Master Designers"
Smith, John D. - "The Evolution of Cataraqui Golf Course: An Illustrated History of its Development from 
     Founding Fathers (1917) to Stanley Thompson (1933)"
Strawn, John - "Driving the Green: The Making of a Golf Course"
Sutton, Martin H. F. & Colt, H.S. & Darwin, Bernard - The Book of the Links: A Symposium on Golf"
Thomas Jr., George C. - "Golf Architecture in America: It's Strategy & Construction"
Tillinghast, A.W. - "The Course Beautiful: A Collection of Original Articles & Photographs on Golf Course
Tillinghast, A.W. - "Reminiscences of the Links: A Treasury of Creative Essays & Vintage Photographs of 
     Scottish & Early American Golf"
Tillinghast, A.W. - "Gleaning from the Wayside: My Recollections as a Golf Architect"
Waters, George - "Sand & Golf: How Terrain Shapes the Game"
Wethered, H.N. & Simpson, Tom - "The Architectural Side of Golf"
Wexler, Daniel - "The Missing Links: America's Greatest Lost Golf Courses & Holes"
Wexler, Daniel - "Lost Links: Forgotten Treasures of Golf's Golden Age"
Wexler, Daniel - "The Golfer's Library: A Reader's Guide to Three Centuries of Golf Literature"
Wexler, Daniel - "The American Private Golf Club Guide"
Whitehead, Eric - "Hathstauwk: The Story of Capilano Golf & Country Club"
Worley, David - "Journey Through the Links"
Young, Philip - "A.W. Tillinghast: Creator of Golf Courses"
Zuckerman, Joel - "Pete Dye Golf Courses: Fifty Years of Visionary Design"


  1. Great list, Tyler. Thanks for compiling and posting it. I've been digging into the literature of the history and evolution of golf courses and golf architecture lately. I own and have read a handful of the books on this list and was aware of many more but am especially interested in those that are entirely new to me. So thank you,
    Chris DeBlois
    Roswell, GA

  2. Chris,

    In addition to the books on the list, do yourself a favour and contact the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects who have published an annual journal since 1998. It is excellent and hefty, the latest volume is 74 pages of golf architecture content.

    Thanks for your note,

  3. Hi, Tyler. I just saw your list for noteworthy books on golf architecture and appreciate having it, especially because it has more of a Canadian and Australian orientation than other lists that I have seen in the past. I was wondering if you are planning to make any updates to it. I have most of these books, many of which are signed copies, and I am always looking to expand my home's library collection.

    1. Peter,

      The list is my personal golf course architecture library and I update it as I acquire new books.